Upcoming Litters 2021

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Yay!! Livvy and Notch Hill Winston puppies were born January 3rd. 8 beautiful labradoodle puppies, 4 chocolates, 3 blacks and 1 caramel....some with white markings. Puppies will mature to 35-45 pound. This reservation list is FULL 

1. Breeders choice

2. Karen W

3. Barry Y

4. Jessica R

5. Natalie S

6. Chelsea

7. Nicole V

8. Janet W

Miley is our gorgeous Apricot girl, she is spunky and full of life, but also very affectionate and loving.Cash is very popular and comes to us from our friends at Prairie Doodles. 

They will honeymoon April/May. They will have reds, apricots, and caramels, and the possibility of parti’s.  These puppies will have lots of white markings and amazing temperaments. Puppies will mature to 35-45 pound. This litter is fully reserved. 

1. Breeders choice

2. Breeders choice

3. Franny

4. Anita 

5. Devin

Upcoming Litter Summer 2021


Born June 13th - previous litter








We are pairing Lucy with Rose Country Read the Riot Act. He comes from Puppy Love Labradoodles and is a gorgeous fleecy red boy. We are super excited and expect Apricots, Caramels and Reds. Puppies will mature to 20-30 pounds.  They will honeymoon April/May. This reservation list is FULL 

1. Breeders choice

2. Trisha D

3. Heather

wait list Gwen L

wait list Natalie S 

Please take note that mother nature takes part in all breeding's and as a result we can not know for sure when our girls will cycle or how many puppies are in a litter, etc, therefor we will only take deposits on 3-4 for each litter, and it is our best guess on honeymoon times.  If you want a puppy from a specific pairing, and it is fully reserved, there is still a chance that list will open if more puppies are born. If  you are unable to wait if the honeymoon is later than expected, please do not reserve from specific litters.