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Shuswap Labradoodles


We are located in Sicamous BC, surrounded by the beautiful Shuswap and Mara Lakes with the Rockies in the background. Me (Shona) and Gary Keehn got our first Australian Multigenerational Labradoodle “Olaf” in 2014 and fell in love with the breed. The more we learned about this breed, the more we knew we were destined to become breeders. We started talking about how everyone needs to experience these amazing dogs. Talking led to dreaming, dreaming led to researching, which led to buying two breeding females.


We are now proud breeders of Australian Labradoodles. They are allergy friendly and meet rigorous health standards. They are intelligent, playful, affectionate, amazing temperaments, athletic and cuddly. They are highly intelligent making them perfect for animal assisted therapy.


They are the perfect family pet for children as well as adults. 


Austrailian Multigerational Labradoodles


We only breed true Australian Labradoodles. They are multi generational dogs and because of that they have a much better hypo allergenic to non shedding coat. Most early crosses have a tendency to shed. With Multigenerational Labradoodles you get benefits of many years of selective breeding by the breeders that started it all in Australia.


Our puppies are whelped and raised in our home and will be introduced to the things that make them the perfect family addition. Other pets, learning toys, many different sounds and our 7 grandkids help to socialize them.  


Our dogs are part of our family, they go almost everywhere with us from camping to just trips to the store. All you need is love & a Labradoodle.

We believe that every home should

enjoy the love of a labradoodle. 

Our Mission
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We are excited to meet you.

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