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Guardian family info


I want my breeding dogs to live wonderful lives with Guardian families, while Shuswap Labradoodles retains breeding rights. The girls only come back to me for up to 3 litters, at which point they retire from my program and go on to live long & happy lives with their Guardian families   Boys retire at 4-5 years old. Once retired they are spayed/neutered at our expense, and are fully turned over to their Guardian family as a pet. 


When they have a litter they are with me for approximately 6 weeks, you can visit when you like after mom and puppies have settled in. Families must live within an hour drive from me. 


Boys will be used a few times. Most times he will only be gone for a few hours, on occasion it will be overnight


The cost of a guardian puppy is free, of course you care for her/him just like normal for vaccinations etc. Shuswap Labradoodles pays for all the Health Testing required. 


There are more details if this is an option for you. Every family is different so I like to work out details one on one. 


Email me at

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