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Nothing but raving reviews from me! The vet gave my pup a healthy stamp of approval right when I brought him home, he slept through the night pretty much right away, he was comfortable with crates, hardly had any accidents even at 3 months old, and was (and still is) incredibly smart. This is all thanks to the care that Shuswap Labradoodles put in from birth to pick-up. Shona introduced the puppies to all sorts of things from a young age, so Mr. Elvin was hardly scared of anything when I picked him up! Honestly, he settled right in to life with me the moment she put him in my arms! 

The whole process was such a dream, all thanks to Shona and the care she has for what she does. Before the parent's honeymoon, I got updates and continued to get them consistently through to the day I picked up my little guy. She was available to ask questions, she shared information for first-time dog owners to make the transition more manageable, and she even handmade blankets for each puppy and sent home goodie bags! 

Who wouldn't love a breeder who calls herself "Nana" to all the puppies? Due to her love for my little pup and the updates she sent me of his growth, I wanted to keep her updated with his development after we got home. We still send little updates to Nana  She doesn't breed the dogs for the money, pumping out one litter after the other. Instead, she breeds them because she loves Labradoodles and loves sharing them with the world. 

Shuswap Labradoodles is a fantastic breeder, and I will tell that to anyone who asks or anyone who will listen.


Pepper has captured our hearts and our lives after only one week. We love her to bits. She's smart, playful, fearless and also very mischievous. She has adapted to her new home so well. We give you, Shona, all the credit for preparing the puppies to home life so well. Everyone who meets her can't get over how settled, well mannered and gorgeous she is. She's so full of beans after her frequent naps. And then crashes for hours. She loves cuddles and already knows to sit before she is served her food. We are also teaching her to "leave it" and come. We have so much to learn to be good parents but it seems she loves us very much already. 

We will be starting puppy classes at the end of October after she has received her 2nd set of shots. 

We're never looking back, we are just over the moon, head over heels with our beautiful Pepper Potts.

We are so glad we chose Shuswap Labradoodles. We think Nana is simply the best at loving and prepping her little furry kids for a fully successful life with their families. If we ever decide to get a second puppy, we  are going right back to Nana. Thank you so so much


Chantale, Dave and Pepper Potts xox


We spent a lot of time researching Australian Labradoodles and breeders. What stood out for us with Shuswap Labradoodles is the loving home Shona provides to the puppies surrounded by family which results in beautifully socialized puppies. It felt like the right fit for us and we couldn’t be happier with our experience. 

Shona was wonderful from day one.  I often felt like I was sending too many emails (believe me, there were a lot) and yet she never hesitated to answer all my questions. Still to this day, she always responds to my updates and questions. We feel lucky to have found such a great breeder and are so grateful for Henry and how much he has added to our family.  Everyone that meets him falls in love with him. He is loving, cuddly, playful with the perfect amount of mischievousness. All the things we were looking for in a dog. We highly recommend Shuswap Labradoodles. Thank you Shona

Luke & Natasha



Just wanted to touch base and tell you that Ollie is the most wonderful dog! If we had been able to pick from all 9 of that litter, or any litter for that matter, we could never have chosen a better puppy for us. He is absolutely lovely in every way! He’s growing like a weed and loves his TLC and Smack.

Having said that, we also want to tell you what a wonderful job we believe that you do as a breeder. From the early stages, when you posted and emailed photos of the pups as they developed, your advice re pet food, vet insurance and preparing to have a new puppy in the home has all been excellent. As well, the puppies have obviously been so well socialized. Ollie loves people (and everyone loves him!) and he’s dying to visit with other dogs (which will finally happen when his vaccinations kick in). He has the softest mouth; he doesn’t bite, doesn’t bark (yet!), has slept 10 hours per night from the very first night, loves his crate, loves his tug toys and his chew toys and his treat puzzles, eats all his meals with gusto, goes potty outdoors happily on the leash… and he snuggles and he’s very smart! What more could we ever ask?!

So… thank you from the bottoms of our puppy-loving hearts! Best decision we ever made to go with Shuswap Labradoodles!

Ron and Marg


My experience with Shona was fantastic. She is very responsive, she keeps you updated both through social media updates but more importantly through continuous email once the puppies are born. 
My puppy was well socialized and partially crate trained when I picked her up. She was happy, healthy and well fed. I was provided information with respect to her on going health and well being as well as provisions for the puppy’s immediate needs.

I was a bit like a mom with a new baby and I felt very comfortable reaching out to Shona when I had a question. She always responded immediately. She continued to send out emails with information regarding health, shots and things to be careful of in the first few months. 

Shona is a wonderful breeder and I would recommend her without hesitation.

Karen Weichel

We purchased our Australian Labradoodle from Shuswap Labradoodles owned by Shona Keehn.  Right from first time talking to her I Knew she was the breeder I wanted to purchase our dog from.  She was very interested in what kind of people we were, what kind of home and surroundings the dog would be going to.  It was obvious from the start that she was interested in the kind of care one of her pups would get.  Once we agreed on the pup she made it very easy for us to arrange to pick her up. She had already started pee pad training and separating the pup for intervals to decrease and leaving the mother anxiety. It took me no time at all to teach her from pad to out side..Shona looked after everything our pup needed for the first year.

The pup we got “Bella” is everything Shona told us she would be.  She is a very smart dog and has such personality.  She’ll be a year in November and Has added such joy and laughter to our home.

We would certainly purchased another dog from this breeder if anything happened to Bella.  

Ray and Phyllis, Alberta


We first heard about Shuswap Labradoodles 3-4 years ago through a working relationship.  Started asking questions about the breed and did a bit of research.  We haven’t had a dog for over five years and wanted to wait until we both were retired so that we could spend a lot of time with a puppy.  Found out Livvy was having a litter and put our name on the list.  We were 5th on the list and waited patiently for the big day and on June 13th , 2020 Livvy gave birth to 7 beautiful puppies.  Thanks to lots of updates on Facebook and Instagram we watched all their steps as they grew into themselves.  Finally, at the beginning of August we were given the choice of three.  We immediately chose Harold and later named him Bentley.  He has been an absolute joy, has an amazing gentle loving temperament, loves to please his people and is very quick to learn because he is very smart.  Shona has been extremely helpful and supportive with any questions, concerns or advice we’ve needed.  We highly recommend a puppy from Shuswap Labradoodles but you better act quickly because these amazing puppies and are high demand and you won’t be sorry.

Tracy and Dave, BC

We had a fantastic experience when we adopted a beautiful Australian Labradoodle from Shuswap Labradoodles. Before we committed, Shona was willing to answer all our questions-and we had a lot! She discussed in length whether a new puppy would be a good idea for our family. We already had a 6 year old dog and two cats so we wanted to be really sure everyone was happy. Once the puppies were born, Shona emailed us beautiful pictures every week as well as numerous posts on Instagram. By the time we went for our puppy visit, we felt that we already knew a bit about their personalities. When we went for our visit, Shona gave us lots of time to get to know the puppies and lots of information too. By the time we left, we had narrowed our choice down to three puppies. When it came time for us to choose a puppy, Shona was so patient with us. She again answered lots of questions to ensure we made the right choice. Since we took our puppy home, we have been very happy with her. She is so smart and loving. She gets along so well with our other animals and gives everyone lots of love. We can’t help but smile when she comes to see us with her tail wagging and her whole body wiggling. We can’t thank Shona enough for introducing us to this sweet little girl and making the experience so interactive especially during a pandemic!

Christine Bekar

We are extremely happy that we discovered Shuswap Labradoodles and Shona, a fantastic breeder who raises her pups with so much love and attention. When we brought our little Rossi home he was already crate trained and was happy to sleep in it without any whining the very first night. He is such a confident curious little guy, not afraid of anything and eager to meet new people and other dogs, obviously extremely well socialized by Shona. She also was so quick to respond to all my questions, sent many photo updates of the puppies’ progress until it was time to make our choice, and gave us good advice about feeding, grooming, and anything else we needed to know, since we hadn’t had a pup in the family for many years. When we visited with the puppies we were so impressed with their playground with a ball pit, steps and slide, tunnel and a swing like structure as well as lots of toys. Needless to say Rossi ‘aced’ puppy obedience classes with an obstacle course, none of that was new to him! We couldn’t be more pleased that we lucked out and found such an awesome caring breeder! Ev and Ron Woitzik


We look forward to pairing you with your new puppy. 

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