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History of the Labradoodle


The Labradoodle, a cross between a poodle and a Labrador retriever, were initially bred for the Australian Guide Dog Association in attempt to develop a hypoallergenic & low shedding service dog. By combining the intelligence of the poodle and the temperament of the Labrador retriever, a new breed not only emerged for the purpose of assistance and therapy dogs, but great family dogs with friendly temperaments who are easily trainable. Today there are numerous breeders worldwide who continue to breed Labradoodles.


Australian Labradoodles Traits:

Low to Non-shedding Coat

Allergy/Asthma Friendly


Loving & Happy

Family/Child Friendly

Eager to Please

Easy to Train

Low to No Odor

Gentle Nature



Labradoodle Sizes:

Standard Labradoodles 21-24 inches and 50-65 lbs

Medium Labradoodles 17-20 inches and 30-45 lbs

Miniature Labradoodles 14-16 inches and 15-25 lbs


Labradooodle Coat:

The Labradoodle has 3 Coat Types

Wool- Thick and dense tight curl, like a poodle. Non-shedding and best for allergy sufferers. Only needs grooming a couple times a year and occasional brushing.

Fleece- Two varieties; Wavy or Curly (Big to small spirals or crimped) soft fleece. Usually non-shedding and best for allergy sufferers. Most preferred coat and easy to maintain. Needs grooming approx 4-6 times per year and brushing approx 2 – 3 times per weeks to avoid mats.

Hair- Straight or mildly wavy Hair, usually worn longer. Similar to a Labrador Retreiver and an F1 Generation Labradoodle. Light to heavy shedding and not as allergy friendly.

Labradoodles usually have no body odour, require minimal bathing and brushing and rarely attract fleas.


Color varies from chalk (milky white), shades of cream, apricot/cream, gold, black, parti, chocolate, Cafe au lait, red, phantom,caramel and silver.

We breed only true Labradoodles or the Australian Multigenerational Labradoodles. We do not breed any early cross labradoodles or any labs to poodles as we have found that there is not enough consistency in temperament as well as coat. We like to be able to ensure that all of our puppies will have great personalities combined with fleece or silky soft coats that are allergy friendly.

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